Improving quality of life through specialised healthcare

About Us

Nordic Health Group is a fast growing group of businesses in the private healthcare sector. In our 25 clinics in Northern Europe our specialised vascular surgeons treat over 6000 patients yearly for venous insufficiency.

+25.000 Treatments
97,4% Customer satisfaction
25 Clinics
84 Employees

Who we are

Nordic Health Group is a specialised Nordic healthcare provider who contributes to a higher quality of life amongst our patients. Nordic Health Group offers high quality medical and surgical healthcare services through its specialised clinics. We believe it is adamant to operate within specialised areas, where we can focus on the things we are best at. For us, this is what it means when we say that Nordic Health Group is "Improving quality of life through specialised healthcare"

Our Three Pillars

Nordic Health Group is build upon three pillars that emphasise what we do

Highest quality in healthcare

We focus on healthcare where we have distinct advantages to deliver investigations and treatments of the highest quality. Based on science and constantly updated on the newest studies and developments, we offer all our patients the most gentle and effective treatment.

Customer and patient satisfaction

Customer and patient satisfaction is given mainly through good communication and trust. Therefore, we maintain a high level of efficient communication in simple and precise language that is easily understood. We balance expectations and never promise more than we can deliver.

Improving quality of life

We acknowledge our ethical responsibility to improve the quality of life for the highest number of citizens. Therefore we strive to keep prices at a level where the most people can benefit from them. We achieve this through eliminating unnecessary costs and extravagance that doesn’t provide value to patients.

Our strategy

Strengthening our position as a leading company

When our patients come to us for medical care, we acknowledge our responsibility to assure our services and abilities comply to the needs of our clients. We acknowledge that a heavy burden is placed on us as a part of the healthcare industry, that goes far beyond the responsibility, that applies to many other industries. This is reflected throughout the entire organisation where everything we do, has to comply to this responsibility and has to support our ambition of improving the quality of life for every patient. Our five core values condense the essence of all activities across Nordic Health Group, and determine our choices on a strategic level as on an operational level.

Commitment to Clients

Constant Improvement




Our team


Thomas Lawaetz
Founder / CEO

Thomas Lawaetz

Brian Rosendahl

Brian Rosendahl

Magnus Lysemose

Magnus Lysemose

Our Locations

Nordic Health Group has clinics across Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. We seek to be present and close to where our patients are. Hence, we strive to establish new clinics where people are in need for our services.

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